Order a GoYurt shelter

Important Notice: I have decided to take a pause from working on yurts right now to focus on developing our small farm. Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this adventure so far! I am continuing to work on a prototype of a new shelter that will incorporates many advancements I have discovered in these years of yurt-building. I look forward to having the time to focus on our unique shelters and plan to do so as soon as I can. I have left the information below for reference, though I will not be accepting any new orders at this time. Thanks again for your support and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Best, Howie
13 foot complete yurt package

Completely finished and ready to setup. Includes:
  • Wall sections (3)
  • Roof ring with lantern attachment points
  • Door frame/wall unions (4)
  • Roof poles with straps
  • Door header/threshold
  • Canvas roof cover
  • Canvas walls(2)
  • Canvas door
  • Canvas roof ring cover flap
  • Poly ground skirt
  • Poly floor
  • Ropes and lashing hardware

Price: $3900

13 foot unfinished yurt kit

We also offer our shelter as a kit that requires finishing and initial assembly. There is no cutting, drilling or fabrication required, and we estimate there is 3 weekends of solid work to have a ready to setup structure. Includes all components and hardware listed for the complete yurt with the exception of the poly floor. Requires:
  • Sanding all wood components
  • Applying a finish (finish supplies not included)
  • Attaching all hardware (requires screwdriver
  • Riveting walls together (requires hand rivet tool)
  • Cutting, attaching ropes
  • Attaching straps to roof poles(pliers required)

Price: $2900

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